Although heavily influenced by Indie Rock, Heartwell are native Punks that harness the energy of the iconic punk bands they grew up on with lyrics that focus on the aggravation and the inevitability of life. Throughout Heartwell’s lyrics you’ll find messages that express a desire to define the anxiety of growing up and the freedom of self-reliance. Musically, Heartwell fills in the gaps of their punk undertones with melodies of jangly Indie Rock. Adopting the same sincerity of the ‘90s Emo scene, Heartwell creates a sound that conjures up the nostalgia of those times.

Beginning as a songwriting outlet for a few friends, Heartwell grew at the start of 2011 and culminated with the release of their first EP “On Science, On Strings.” The EP was met with a positive reaction and Heartwell has since continued on with their DIY ethic and powerful live show. Heartwell released their first full length “Certainty of Change” on Kat Kat Records in June of 2012.

Diamond Youth

Thank you Internet. Without you we wouldn’t have Chocolate Rain, Chat Roulette, OR Lady Gaga. Even worse, we wouldn’t have Diamond Youth. By the grace of extensive video chatting and garage band recordings, Diamond Youth was born in bedrooms scattered across Baltimore, Chicago, and Richmond. Almost 2 years later, they’ve just released 6 and a half brand new songs on their second EP, “Don’t Lose Your Cool”. Heavily Influenced by 90′s alternative music, Skateboarding, and girls, “Don’t Lose Your Cool” will be available on vinyl and tape this May. Catch Diamond on the road supporting Don’t Lose Your Cool this spring, with record release shows soon to be announced.

I Can See Mountains

A wise man once said that “without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

I Can See Mountains got it’s start in the summer of 2011 with the simple intention of doing whatever felt most natural. After months of writing, perfecting, and re-writing, they recorded their debut EP, ‘Hope You Never Get It’, in September 2011 at GCR Audio in Buffalo, NY with Jay Zubricky (Pentimento, Every Time I Die.) “We cannot predict the future, nor will we try, but what we will continue to do is pour every ounce of our hearts, souls, and minds into this band. This is what makes us happy, its our creative canvas. We want to take our band to the furthest and highest levels. And if that means the stars, then so be it.


There is an abiding circle: one where romance and tragedy exist together and hope coincides with desperation as a coil in nature as much as the unseen. In this understanding lies the dark themes and bruising medium of O’Brother. Carrying the weight of the luminance and spacey textures from their 2009 EP, The Death of Day, the Atlanta, GA five some have grown into sounds of scorching heaviness and punctuated melodic interruptions that act as puzzles in-between the groaning feedback of Garden Window, the band’s debut full length.

The Front Bottoms

What can we say about The Front Bottoms? We know we love them: a punk band that uses acoustic guitar, indie-rock dance grooves, Springsteen-y keyboard lines (this they might deny). It’s hook-filled… it’s anthemic… it’s confessional. Maybe Joni Mitchell by way of Green Day? They must have heard some Replacements along the way, and it seems like what Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers did for the Boston suburbs these guys are doing for Bergen County, NJ. But they still leave us scratching our heads. Just what the hell have the Front Bottoms alchemized?

Failures Union

It might be a geographic phenomenon, but over the last few years there’s been a score of new East Coast bands that are unabashedly flying the flags of bands like Archers of Loaf, Superchunk, Gin Blossoms, Pavement, and Guided by Voices. While these bands were THE college radio titans of the early- and mid-90’s, by the end of the decade they’d all either broken up and begun to fade or, far worse, released a handful of painfully mediocre albums and slipped into the “man, their old stuff was way better” rock genre.
While Failures’ Union have been kicking around for a bit longer than some of their contemporaries, they share many of the same traits. All three members grew up on the aforementioned wave of indie rock while maintaining strong ties to the do-it-yourself ethic and independent attitude engineered by the hardcore pioneers of the early 80’s. As a result, they stand in small company as one of the mellower bands currently traversing the underground highways. Listeners may find themselves surprised by the eloquent melodies and nostalgic atmosphere that surrounds the cleaner tones and fuzzed-out leads found within their songs

Kid Gorgeous

Kid Gorgeous is a metalcore band from Buffalo, New York, USA. The group features a conglomerate mix of members from past and future bands Buried Alive (band), Every Time I Die and Anterrabae. Their first album, Friday Night Knife Fight,[1] was released in May 2001. Their second studio album, This Feeling Gets Old,[2] came out in June 2003.[3] Both efforts were released on Southern California indie label Uprising Records. The band originally called it quits in 2003 with their last show being with Snapcase and Every Time I Die in November of that year.[4] With a couple one off reunion shows since then, the band has recently resurfaced with news in March 2010 that they were going to record and tour briefly in the summer.[5] The band started recording an EP in December 2010 at GCR Audio in Buffalo, New York with Jay Zubricky and debuted 2 of the songs at their show with Every Time I Die on December 29, 2010.[6] Subsequently, on December 30, 2010, The band released the song “Mermaid With A Switchblade” via their Facebook and Myspace pages. On February 1, 2012, Eulogy Recordings announced that it will be releasing the EP titled “Blue Romance” which includes three new tracks, a re-recorded classic, and a cover on June 5, 2012.[7] It was announced via the band’s Twitter and Facebook pages that Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley has lent vocals to a cover of Judas Priest’s “Living After Midnight” which will be a bonus track on the EP.

Roger Bryan

For those itching for some new music from Buffalo rocker Roger Bryan and his band of Orphans should check out the soundtrack/score Bryan recently recorded for the documentary My City Limits. Produced and directed by Orphans’ drummer Mike Sobieraj, and released by High Water Mark Films, the film follows the lives of resettled refugees in the Buffalo area. Those interested in attending a free screening for Sobieraj’s film can view the doc on at 6:00pm on May 23rd at the Historical Society(25 Nottingham Court). The full soundtrack can be streamed at the Orphans’ bandcamp page. Also, check out Bryan in the video below playing one of My City Limits’ standout tracks “Thresher.”

On Beta

Since starting the band in 2009 as a one-night-only act for a friend’s barbecue, On Beta soon became known for their powerful, no-frills live sets and ambitious songwriting falling somewhere between vintage rock favorites & modern indie-pop.

Singer/songwriter Mark Nosowicz, joined by Andy Vaeth on bass/vocals and drummer Jeff Pietrzak share a checkered musical past that spans several notable Buffalo, NY bands. Over the years they’ve cultivated an effortless musical chemistry that is a hallmark of On Beta’s sound.

In 2012, after two years of recording experiments and honing their sound, On Beta released their debut album “There’s Blood In Your Heart”. It was recorded and lovingly slaved over at Harvest Studios, home base for the music collective Harvestsum Recordings.

Two Cow Garage

The group was formed in September 2001 by singer/guitarist Micah Schnabel, born in Bucyrus Ohio, who began playing with drummer Dustin Harigle in and around Columbus. Guitarist Chris Flint joined the group after seeing one of their early shows, and bassist Shane Sweeney followed soon after. The group released its first album in 2002 and embarked on a near-constant nationwide U.S. tour, clocking over 300,000 miles on their tour bus.

The band’s fifth album, Sweet Saint Me, was released via Suburban Home Records on October 24, 2010.


While staying true to the roots and influences of their upbringing, what sets Pentimento apart is the sheer honesty and authenticity you take way when listening to their music. The goal of Pentimento has always been to create passionate music that they could share with others and have the listener feel and connect with on a personal level. Since signing to Panic Records in June of 2010, Pentimento has been hard at work touring, promoting their releases, and doing as much as possible to help the band grow.